Video 2


Live Webinar

APRIL 7th, 9am PT/12pm ET

Video 2: Transcending Relationship Blocks
Live Webinar: April 7th, 9am PT/12pm ET

Transcending Relationship Blocks

with Thomas Hübl and Terry Real


[0:31] The different meanings of "responsibility" in the therapy room
[2:18] Pia Melody's definition of intimacy
[3:45] Two of Terry's tools for bringing your development into your relationship
[5:57] Differentiating between the mental interpretation and the real experience
[7:27] What happens when you don't invest in the maintenance of your relationship
[9:36] Why you shouldn't let the "little things" go
[10:35] Terry's version of ADD
[12:15] Working with a chronic liar
[13:56] A rule for when you're triggered
[15:42] How vulnerability is a form of strength
[18:25] What is our enemy and what is our friend

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