Video 1

Live Webinar

APRIL 7th, 9am PT/12pm ET

Video 1: Relationships as the Crucible for Evolution
Live Webinar: April 7th, 9am PT/12pm ET
Relationships as the Crucible for Evolution

with Thomas Hübl and Terry Real


[0:29] What is an evolutionary relationship?
[3:41] The primary question to ask in relationship therapy
[4:29] Finding the 'deathbed consciousness' in relationship
[7:01] Finding 'time for now'
[9:29] The close tie between spirituality and trauma
[10:53] The essence of all trauma work
[15:03] The unavoidable issue of 'mutual triggering'
[16:44] Potential-oriented living: how to stay interested in each others' growth
[19:06] Maintaining relational integrity
[21:04] The real work of longing for the divine
[21:56] How to notice when you're in love with your partner's potential
[23:44] How to discern the 'red line' between a growth relationship and one that's failing

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